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Scenes from Romeo & Juliet




The links below lead to the scenes of the play. In addition, each scene has been broken into parts, and the parts have been named. The scene links provide a page with the text of the entire scene. The other links show only that part of the scene. These smaller sections of the play download faster and are sometimes easer to read.

The Montagues Romeo & Juliet Together The Capulets

Act 1, Scene 1


Capulet-Montague Street Fight
Montague Worries About Romeo
Romeo & Benvolio Discuss Love

Act 1, Scene 2

Paris Asks to Marry Juliet

Capulet Party Announced

Act 1, Scene 4

Montagues Go to Capulet Party

Act 1, Scene 5

Capulet Welcomes Guests

Tybalt Recognizes Romeo
Romeo & Juliet Meet
Juliet Learns Romeo is a Montague

Act 1, Scene 3

Juliet Hears of Paris's Proposal

Act 2, Scene 1


Romeo Seeks Juliet

Act 2, Scene 2

The Balcony Scene


Act 2, Scene 3

Romeo Talks to Friar Laurence



Act 2, Scene 4

Romeo Meets Friends

Nurse Looks for Romeo
Romeo Gets Juliet's Message

Act 2, Scene 6

Romeo & Juliet Marry

Act 2, Scene 5

Juliet Hears Marriage Plan


Act 3, Scene 1

Mercutio & Tybalt Argue

A Fight Breaks Out
Mercutio & Tybalt Slain
Romeo is Banished



Act 3, Scene 2

Juliet Learns About Fight

Act 3, Scene 3

Friar Laurence Advises Romeo

Romeo Goes to Juliet

Act 3, Scene 5

The Wedding Night

Juliet Told She is Engaged to Paris
Juliet Told to Marry Paris
Juliet & Nurse Plot an Escape

Act 3, Scene 4

Paris Engaged to Juliet





Act 4, Scene 1

Paris Makes Wedding Plans

Juliet Runs into Paris at Church
Juliet Plans Her Own "Death"


Act 4, Scene 2

Capulets Make Wedding Plans

Juliet Agrees to Marry Paris

Act 4, Scene 3

Lady Capulet Says Goodnight

Juliet Drinks the "Poison"

Act 4, Scene 4

Wedding Preparations


Act 4, Scene 5

Juliet Found "Dead"

Wedding Party Arrives
Argument Over Funeral Music


Act 5, Scene 1

Romeo Learns of Juliet's Death

Romeo Buys Poison


Act 5, Scene 2

Friar's Letter Doesn't Reach Romeo

Act 5, Scene 3

Outside Juliet's Tomb

Romeo Kills Paris
Romeo Poisons Himself
Friar Finds Romeo's Body
Juliet Wakes and Kills Herself
Discovery of the Bodies
Capulet-Montague Reconciliation




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