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for The Diary of Opal Whiteley

Felix Mendelssohn
  Felix Mendelssohn is a mouse which Opal often carries with her in a pocket.

This pet is named for a a famous German composer of music. He wrote the "wedding march" that is still used today.

Paragraph 554: Inspirations from dabbling toes

  The mill by the far woods was owned by Sadie McKibben's family. Several other neighbors of Opal's also worked in the McKibben mill.

A lumber mill turns cut trees and logs into planks and lumber. The loggers and mill workers live near it in bunk houses housing as many as 20 or more men. The McKibben lumber mill burned down in 1907, a couple of years after Opal moved from Walden into Cottage Grove.

Picture: the McKibben mill by the far woods

Picture: sky view of the mill by the far woods

Paragraph 5: The road to Sadie McKibbon's house

Paragraph 303: Watching the folks from the lumber camp

Mrs. Limberger
  Mrs. Limberger is a plump neighbor of Opal's who lives in a large house. The Limberger's also owned the lane where Opal walked.

The Limbergers were still alive when Opal's diary was published in 1920. Their real name was "Linebaugh" and they owned a large piece of land near Opal's family. Mr. N.J. Linebaugh was from Germany or one of the Scandinavian countries. He built several barns in the area using a type of wood work found on ocean ships.

Paragraph 546: Eggs for Mrs. Limberger

Scene 129: The Satin Rotten Eggs

Paragraph 38: The Lane

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