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for The Diary of Opal Whiteley

Dear Love
  Dear Love is a neighbor and one of the McKibben family who own the "mill by the far woods". She is a friend of Sadie McKibben and is very kind to Opal. Scene 56: A Visit With Dear Love and Husband

Scene 103: A Very Nice Visit

Scene 137: Going to see Dear Love Picture: McKibben and Patton family reunion in 1905

  a mythical being usually with magical powers

"The fairies in the woods leave me colored pencils in the moss box."

Paragraph 45: Yellow jackets as fairies

Scene 13: fairies bring pens to Opal Paragraph 255: man with gray neckties believes in fairies


"She was so happy I could see the joy-light in her eyes."

Paragraph 375: Example

  box covered with moss

"The moss box is where I put all my very special things."

Opal uses this box in the woods to keep her special things.

Paragraph 591: Example

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