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for The Diary of Opal Whiteley

Angel Mother and Angel Father

Opal believes she was adopted into the Whiteley family when she was very young. She thinks her biological parents have died and are now are now angels in heaven, and so calls them her Angel Mother and Angel Father.

Opal often misses her Angel Mother and Angel Father and tells many stories about them.

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little people
  elves and fairies

"Opal believes that there are many little people that live in the woods."

Paragraph 45: yellow jacket as fairies

Scene 13: The moss box in the woods

Paragraph 255: man with gray neckties believes in fairies

Scene 114: handwriting of man who wears grey neckties

Thomas Chatterton Jupiter Zeus

Opal has given this name to a wood rat who is one of her favorite pets. Opal very often carries Thomas Chatterton Jupiter Zeus whenever she goes visiting or exploring.

Opal named her pet rat after the poet Thomas Chatterton, and two gods of classical mythology.

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