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for The Diary of Opal Whiteley

Big Jug
  Big Jud is a classmate of Opal's. Paragraph 56: First mention

  a bad tasting thick oil used for medicine

"When I am sick I have to drink Castoria."

Paragraph 359: Example

Dear Love
  Dear Love is a neighbor and one of the McKibben family who own the "mill by the far woods". She is a friend of Sadie McKibben and is very kind to Opal. Scene 56: A Visit With Dear Love and Husband

Scene 103: A Very Nice Visit

Scene 137: Going to see Dear Love Picture: McKibben and Patton family reunion in 1905

  a mythical being usually with magical powers

"The fairies in the woods leave me colored pencils in the moss box."

Paragraph 45: Yellow jackets as fairies

Scene 13: fairies bring pens to Opal Paragraph 255: man with gray neckties believes in fairies


Opal went to the Walden School from 1904-1905. It had only one classroom for students from grades 1 thorough grade 6. Teachers would get one group of students working on an assignment and then teach another subject to the other students. One teacher usually taught 30 or more students of all different grades and subjects.

Picture: Opal's School in 1905

Picture: Opal's Class

More about: Opal's school

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