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for The Diary of Opal Whiteley

house we live in
  Opal's house is between the singing creek and her grandparent's house.

Opal lives in a very small wooden house with one room divided into two by a quilt. It is also called a lumber shanty

These little houses were moved to different logging camps using the railroad. The entire house was pulled up on railroad cars and moved to the next work camp.

Picture: Sky view of the farm

Paragraph 1: The house on the edge of the near woods

Paragraph 3: The lumber shanty

  the house where the owner of a farm and his family lives

"The ranch house was owned by Opal's grandparents, who also owned the land."

Paragraph 7: other ranch-houses

Picture: Northeast Sky View of Opal's Home

Picture: The ranch house

Picture: Side of the Ranch House

Sadie McKibben
  Sadie McKibben is a neighbor and one of Opal's very best friends.

Sadie gave Opal paper and pencils for her writing and encouraged her in many ways.

Sadie's family owned the "mill by the far woods". She died giving birth on August 6, 1911. She is buried in Cottage Grove's Fir Grove Cemetery.

Picture: Sadie McKibben

Picture: McKibben and Patton family reunion in 1905

Scene 4: The Beauty of Sadie McKibben

Scene 65: Wash-day for Sadie McKibben

Scene 99: Sadie McKibben's hair

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