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for The Diary of Opal Whiteley

Angel Mother and Angel Father

Opal believes she was adopted into the Whiteley family when she was very young. She thinks her biological parents have died and are now are now angels in heaven, and so calls them her Angel Mother and Angel Father.

Opal often misses her Angel Mother and Angel Father and tells many stories about them.

More about: Angel Father

More about: Angel Mother

  The Grandma is Opal's grandmother Achsah Christopher Scott (b. 1853 - d. 1932). She is the mother of Opal's mother Elizabeth Whiteley, who Opal calls the "mamma" in the diary. Scene 32: Coldness in the Outdoors More about: the mamma

meeting of the roads
  The meeting of the roads is where Mosby Creek road and Layng road intersect. It is in front of Opal's grandparent's house.

Opal calls this place where the road goes three ways. Her child's imagination sees Mosby Creek road as going two different directions. One way going west to Cottage Grove. The other way the road goes is east to her school. The third road, Layng Road, goes north to the upper logging camps and the Bohemia gold mines.

Picture: Sky view of Walden

Paragraph 5: The road to Sadie McKibben's house

Paragraph 6: The road to the school house

Paragraph 9: The road to the upper camps

  take care of

"When momma is away it is my job to tend the baby and the house."

Paragraph 166: Example

the baby
  The baby is Opal's younger sister Faye. Opal often takes care of Faye for her mother. Picture: Opal and her sisters Faye and Chloe

Paragraph 332: tending the baby

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