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for The Diary of Opal Whiteley


"I lost my breathings when I ran hard up the hill"

Paragraph 104Paragraph 104: Example

  The mamma is Opal's mother, Elizabeth Scott Whiteley ( b. 1874 - d. 1917).

Opal has a difficult time with her mother. While trying to be helpful, Opal often does things which make her mother angry.

In addition, Opal believes that her "Angel Mother," rather than Elizabeth Whiteley is her real mother.

Picture: Elizabether Whiteley

Picture: Mr and Mrs. Whiteley

Scene 15: Helping with Chores

Scene 30: Getting the Millers Brand out of the Flour-Sack

Scene 104: Tied to the woodshed corner

  The papa is Opal's father Charles Edward Whiteley (born 1870 - died 1938). He was a logger and worked for the Booth Kelly lumber company in Cottage Grove.

As with her mother, Opal tries to help her father with mixed results and believes that "Angel Father" is her real father.

Picture: Papa

Scene 57Scene 57: Trying to Help the Papa

Paragraph 152: The papa's big coat

About: Angel Father


"I had the remembers that I had to do something."

Paragraph 540: Example

  a small storage shed for fire wood and other tools

I sat on a log in the woodshed writing my journal

Paragraph 134: Example

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