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for The Diary of Opal Whiteley

house of Elsie
  The house of Elsie and her young husband was very close to Opal's house.

Elsie and her young husband are Opal's aunt and uncle.

Picture: Sky view

Paragraph 318: Dancing song notes

house we live in
  Opal's house is between the singing creek and her grandparent's house.

Opal lives in a very small wooden house with one room divided into two by a quilt. It is also called a lumber shanty

These little houses were moved to different logging camps using the railroad. The entire house was pulled up on railroad cars and moved to the next work camp.

Picture: Sky view of the farm

Paragraph 1: The house on the edge of the near woods

Paragraph 3: The lumber shanty

little girl
  The little girl is Opal's four year old sister. Pearlwas born in 1899.

Pearl and Opal were not close sisters. They do not play with each other very much and did not like the same things.

Picture: Opal and Pearl

Scene 5: Queer Feels

Paragraph 463: Helping out

looked looks

"I looked looks for my lost toy."

Paragraph 567: Example

  The mamma is Opal's mother, Elizabeth Scott Whiteley ( b. 1874 - d. 1917).

Opal has a difficult time with her mother. While trying to be helpful, Opal often does things which make her mother angry.

In addition, Opal believes that her "Angel Mother," rather than Elizabeth Whiteley is her real mother.

Picture: Elizabether Whiteley

Picture: Mr and Mrs. Whiteley

Scene 15: Helping with Chores

Scene 30: Getting the Millers Brand out of the Flour-Sack

Scene 104: Tied to the woodshed corner

  The papa is Opal's father Charles Edward Whiteley (born 1870 - died 1938). He was a logger and worked for the Booth Kelly lumber company in Cottage Grove.

As with her mother, Opal tries to help her father with mixed results and believes that "Angel Father" is her real father.

Picture: Papa

Scene 57Scene 57: Trying to Help the Papa

Paragraph 152: The papa's big coat

About: Angel Father


"I had the remembers that I had to do something."

Paragraph 540: Example


A wood burning stove used to cook and to heat the house.

"It was cold in the morning because the fire in the stove had gone out. "

The little house where Opal and her family lived did not have electricity or running water. Their only heat was from the wood burning cook stove.

Picture: Wood buring stove     

Paragraph 29: cooking on the stove     

Paragraph 183: making the room warm     

the baby
  The baby is Opal's younger sister Faye. Opal often takes care of Faye for her mother. Picture: Opal and her sisters Faye and Chloe

Paragraph 332: tending the baby

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