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for The Diary of Opal Whiteley

joy pats

Opal uses the term "joy pats" to mean that she petted Peter Paul Rubens on his nose.

"Opal gave Brave Horatius three joy pats on his head"

Peter Paul Rubens

Opal named her pet pig Peter Paul Rubens. He is named after a Belgian painter born in 1577.

Opal is very fond of Peter Paul Rubens and has many adventures with him, such as when he followed Opal to school. There was also some sadness.

Picture: A Pet Pig

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Scene 8: A pig goes to school

  a fenced place where farmers keep their pigs

I let my pet pig Peter Paul Rubens out of the pig-pen this morning."

Paragraph 328: Example


Opal went to the Walden School from 1904-1905. It had only one classroom for students from grades 1 thorough grade 6. Teachers would get one group of students working on an assignment and then teach another subject to the other students. One teacher usually taught 30 or more students of all different grades and subjects.

Picture: Opal's School in 1905

Picture: Opal's Class

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the lane

Opal walked to school down a dirt road she called "the lane". The lane was quite long - at least a mile or more. Roads were not paved in this area until much later. There were few automobiles at this time. Today Opal's lane is mostly gone - but can still be seen in a couple of places.

Picture: The Lane

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