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for The Diary of Opal Whiteley

a goodly number
  a lot; a high number

"There are a goodly number of animals on our farm."

Paragraph 468: Example

Felix Mendelssohn
  Felix Mendelssohn is a mouse which Opal often carries with her in a pocket.

This pet is named for a a famous German composer of music. He wrote the "wedding march" that is still used today.

Paragraph 554: Inspirations from dabbling toes

  The lane is a narrow dirt road that Opal walks to school on.

The lane was quite long - at least a mile or more. It runs from her grandparent's house west all the way to the mill by the far woods. It was owned by the Limbergers.

Picture: The Lane

Paragraph 38: Our lovely lane

Larry and Jean
  Larry and Jean are two of Opal's neighbors and family members. They were another of her aunt and uncles on her mother's side of the family.

Larry and Jean are newly weds who have a little baby that Opal loves very much. Opal writes that they had only been married "five months" when they had a baby.

Scene 7: Larry and Jean

row of his growing
  a calendar made of stones used to keep track of the age of some

"Every week I put another gray stone in the row of his growing." to show how old he was

Paragraph 36: Example

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