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for The Diary of Opal Whiteley

  a mythical being usually with magical powers

"The fairies in the woods leave me colored pencils in the moss box."

Paragraph 45: Yellow jackets as fairies

Scene 13: fairies bring pens to Opal Paragraph 255: man with gray neckties believes in fairies

  someone who makes paper

"Yellow jackets are paper-makers who use paper to make their nests."

Paragraph 27: Example

rail fence
  A wooden plank used as a railing for a fence

"To sneak my pig out of the pig pen I take the rail fence down where it is weak."

Paragraph 396: Example

  The road runs in front of Opal's grandparent's house. It's real name is Mosby Creek Road.

Opal calls this place where the road goes three ways . It is the intersection of Mosby Creek Road and Layng Road.

Opal's vivid imagination sees Mosby Creek road as going two different directions. One way the road goes west towards Cottage Grove. The other way the road goes is east to her school and the blue hills. Layng Road goes north and onto the upper logging camps and the Bohemia gold mines.

Picture: where the road goes three ways today

Picture: sky view of where the road goes three ways

Paragraph 5: The road to Sadie McKibben's house

Paragraph 6: The road to the school house

Paragraph 9: The road to the upper camps

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