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Paragraph 383
Brave Horatius defends his special dish

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And Brave Horatius and the rest of us didn't get home until after supper-time. The folks was gone to the house of Elsie . I made a hunt for some supper for Brave Horatius. I found some and put it in his special dish. Then I came again into the house to get some bread and milk. There was a jar of blackberry jam on the cook-table. It had interest looks. Just when I happened to be having all my fingers in the jar of blackberry-jam, there was rumblings of distress come from the back yard. I climbed onto the flour barrel and looked a look out the window. There near unto my chum's special supper-dish sat the pet crow with top-heavy appears . There was reasons for his forlorn looks, for Brave Horatius had advanced to the rear of Lars Porsena of Clusium and pulled out his tail-feathers.
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