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Table of Contents

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Chapter 1: Intake Scene 1: Arrival for Intake
  Scene 2: Waiting on the Bench
  Scene 3: Body Search
Chapter 2: Settling in at Fire Oak Scene 4: Introductions at Breakfast
  Scene 5: Talking with Tony
  Scene 6: Remembering Dad
  Scene 7: Tony and Randy Scuffle
Chapter 3: The Trial Scene 8: Waking up in Jail
  Scene 9: Begining the Trial
  Scene 10: John Tries to Give His Side
  Scene 11: The Sentence
  Scene 12: Saying Good Bye
Chapter 4: Meeting McGill Scene 13: Hanson, Mr. McGill wants you next
  Scene 14: Tell me about your father
  Scene 15: How do I get out of this place?
  Scene 16: What happened with Mr. Fletcher?
Chapter 5: Taylor Cottage Scene 17: They can't keep me here 'til I'm twenty-one. Can they?
  Scene 18: Let's see what you can do, Cowboy
  Scene 19: Nobody makes it on his own
Chapter 6: Meeting the Guys Scene 20: We got kitchen duty this morning
  Scene 21: Don't let Randy get you going
  Scene 22: This is where the big guys sit
Chapter 7: School at Fire Oak Scene 23: What's with this school?
  Scene 24: Welcome to Harvey Jenson High School.
  Scene 25: Reading lab
  Scene 26: The librarian needs an aide
Chapter 8: First Call Home Scene 27: What a way to waste a Saturday morning
  Scene 28: Is that you Mom?
  Scene 29: Saturday night
Chapter 9: Mom and Dad Scene 30: Leave my mom alone!
  Scene 31: When I'm busy, I don't think so much
  Scene 32: You're ready for a staffing now
  Scene 33: Let's talk about your father
Chapter 10: FIGHT! Scene 34: John hit me!
  Scene 35: Security's on the way
  Scene 36: Get in there and cool down
Chapter 11: More Norman Scene 37: Thinking what I'll say to Mom
  Scene 38: Back in the dayroom
  Scene 39: Doc and Charlie
  Scene 40: Group Homes
Chapter 12: Escape from Fire Oak Scene 41: No wonder Pat can't read
  Scene 42: Some guy's made it outta here
  Scene 43: So how'd Tony make it out?
  Scene 44: They must've got him
  Scene 45: There's a slot open at Eagle Crest
Chapter 13: Eagle Crest Scene 46: It's my fourth day as crew chief
  Scene 47: Randy's planning to run
  Scene 48: Randy's bossy orders
Chapter 14: Randy's Plan Scene 49: A quiet trip to town
  Scene 50: It's payback time!
  Scene 51: Don't look down
  Scene 52: I need help!
  Scene 53: A trip to Paradise
Chapter 15: River Rafting Scene 54: Rafting
  Scene 55: Let's do it!
  Scene 56: In the van.
Chapter 16: The Montgomerys Scene 57: Why do I have to go to a group home?
  Scene 58: At the Montgomerys
  Scene 59: Calling home
  Scene 60: Not points. Not here, too.
  Scene 61: What's left for me to do? Run
Chapter 17: Streets of Portland Scene 62: First night in Portland
  Scene 63: Looking for Pat
  Scene 64: Vonda
Chapter 18: Victor's House Scene 65: A place to sleep.
  Scene 66: What did I get myself into?
  Scene 67: I got to eat.
Chapter 19: Hanging Out Scene 68: Why don't you go home?
  Scene 69: Your mother and I want us to be a real family.
  Scene 70: Where'll you go now?
Chapter 20: Pat Scene 71: Meeting Pat again.
  Scene 72: A raid at Victor's house.
  Scene 73: Your ordinary street kid
Chapter 21: Tony Scene 74: Catching up with Tony.
  Scene 75: Being a regular kid
Chapter 22: The Morgans Scene 76: A visit to the Morgans
  Scene 77: Do you know Mr. McGill's number?
Chapter 23: Choices Scene 78: I decided being on the run's not for me
  Scene 79: Mom is there on the porch



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