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Reading and Study Strategies

This page tells you about different strategies you might use while reading On the Run. These will help you to better read and understand the story. Just one strategy is available so far, more will be on-line soon.

Activating Your Prior Knowledge

One thing that helps you to better understand a story is to put yourself into the position of the main character. In On the Run, John Hanson is trying to cope with a difficult situation. His father has left the family. While trying to earn money to help his mother, he gets in trouble and is sent to jail. There, he tries to earn his way home, but faces all sorts of problems and challenges.

Have you ever tried to help your family?

Have you ever gotten in trouble?

Have you ever had to cope with being in a new and strange place?

Probably many of the situations that John faces are things you know something about. If you try to bring your own knowledge to bear on what's happening to John, you'll be able to understand this story better. This process is called "activating your prior knowledge."

To help you with this, from time to time you will find questions in the margin next to the story. Think about those questions as you read and see if thinking about your life helps to you understand John's life.

There's more help with this strategy
on the Activating Prior Knowledge page.

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