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Chapter 3: Scene 8: Waking up in Jail


ThinkLink: Did you ever have to sleep someplace uncomfortable?

       I wake up to a ray of sunlight in my eyes from a window too high up to see out. I'm laying on this metal shelf, supposed to be a cot , that's bolted onto the wall . All I got is a pad underneath me and a gray wool blanket to pull over me. A sink sticks out of one corner and a funny-looking toilet hangs right off the wall, both of them metal, too. The clothes they gave me are in a pile on the floor.

       Two men are talking somewhere down the hall. I go and push up against a wire screen over an open square in the door. "Came in on an Assault ... sometimes the quiet ones... ."

       Yeah. Like I'm some kind of desperado . I sit on the edge of the cot and breathe in and out slow, like Dad showed me once when I fell out of a big tree and got the wind knocked out of me. I remember him bending me over and telling me, "In through the nose, out through the mouth, breathe deep and slow." Only the next week he was on his way to Texas, leaving us at the ranch .

       After I pull on the baggy jeans and shoes, I flop back down on the cot and get a whack on the back. Damn! Damn it to hell anyway!

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