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Chapter 23: Scene 78: I decided being on the run's not for me


ThinkLink: Can you think of some bad choices you’ve made? Some good choices?

       McGill folds his pipestem legs up as he sits down on the couch. Ten o'clock at night and he looks as pressed and polished as if he'd just posed for a men's magazine. Mr. and Mrs. Morgan have gone somewhere else in the house. It's just me and McGill staring each other down.

       "What now?" he starts.

       "I thought you'd tell me."

       "I'd like to know what you're thinking. What's going on in your head?."

       "I decided being on the run's not for me. That's all."

       " Life-altering decision . What brought this on?"

       I wasn't about to tell him where I'd been or what had happened to me. "Go ahead. Take me in. Let's get it over with."

       "Not so fast. What're your plans?"

       Is the guy making jokes? Plans? Me? "Like I got a choice?"

       "We all have choices, John."

       "That's just talk."

       "Not talk. You've been making choices all along. You made one tonight."

       "Yeah? Now I wish I'd stayed out there."

       "Sorry to hear you say that. I thought we were on the way to working things out."

       "There's no working it out. I screwed everything." Why does he have to go over it and over it? Why doesn't he just take me in?

       "What happened to your plan to go home to your mother?"

       How could I tell him I'd screwed that up worst of all? "So when do we leave? Or does a cop car take me in?" I think of the deputy from Carroll County and the handcuffs I'd worn all the way to Fire Oak.

       "It doesn't happen that way. I'll drive you down to Juvenile Detention tonight and in the morning you'll have a hearing . I'll have my say and you'll have yours. Then the judge will decide."

       "Decide what? I'm already on my way back."

       "That's a possibility."

       "So. Let's go." He's stalling and I want to get it over with.

       "I called into the court when I heard from you. Judge Thelma Matthews will handle your hearing . She'll have several options ."

       "Like sending me back to Fire Oak? Or the group home in Kenwood ? Or..."

       "Going back to Fire Oak is one possibility. And when I talked to the Morgans tonight, they seemed willing to take you as a foster son. Or I might be able to arrange a job for you. One with close supervision . The judge will decide which..."

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