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Chapter 20: Scene 72: A raid at Victor's house.


       Tess grabs a phone off her belt and I tear off for Emory Street. Maybe I can get my sacks out before the Cops get there. And get the cash I stashed behind a loose brick back of the furnace. I run hard until I get a pain in my side, then I jog regular until I get close to Emory. Before I turn the corner, I spot two cop cars parked on the side street. I stop at the corner. Five guys in uniform , are going in the front door.

       I walk along like I belong in some house down the street, still thinking I can get around the side of the house and into the basement. Then the Cops come out the front door, hauling Victor by both arms. He spots me. "Kid. Come here. You tell 'em. I ain't done nothing. Kid come here."

       I turn and start to run. Behind me I can hear Victor. "You little piece of shit. You tell 'em I ain't done nothing."

ThinkLink: Johnís life is really scary right now. What would you do to keep yourself safe?

       I look behind me, but the Cops are too busy with Victor to chase me. If I was a cop, I'd chase me. For a witness at least. But I guess they got more important stuff to do. I slow down when I get back down on Broadway. When I get close to Lucky's , I cross over to the other side of the street. Can't let them see me. Cops might come there looking for me. I told guys at the Square Pat was my cousin, so now I better not go back there. My chest hurts from pulling air in and out hard while I run. I cut back to a walk and try to breathe slow and easy.

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