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Chapter 2: Scene 7: Tony and Randy Scuffle


       Tony comes back to the couch and I'm about to ask what he means we can run from here, when there's a scramble in the middle of the room. Randy's punching at the tall kid he'd been talking to earlier, pawing the air and circling around. When they get to where we're sitting, Randy reaches over and before I can duck he jerks me up by my shirt. He pulls me in between him and the other guy, holding me around the neck with one arm and jabbing the tall kid with the other. "Watch out," he yells, "or tough guy here'll lay you flat."

       The tall guy snorts. "Shee-it! I'll take him out, then I'll get you." The three of us shuffle around like we're doing a dance, me in the middle. I sidestep with them, trying to keep my balance, trying to keep from being hit.

       Out of the corner of my eye, I see Tony jump up. "You frigging lunatic ," he yells at Randy. "Let go!"

       Randy unwraps his arm from around my neck and pushes me away. Kelly must've pushed the buzzer, because two guards run in. Almost as fast as it starts, it's all over.

ThinkLink: Have you ever gotten caught in the middle of someone else’s fight?

       " Lockup for you two," Kelly tells Randy and the tall kid. "Forty-eight hours to cool off." Kelly's panting a little as the guards walk them off. He swings around toward me. "See what happens if you don't keep away from trouble? And you, Tony, butt out next time. We take care of things here. Stay back when something starts." He glares at both of us and walks back to his desk.

       "It's a freaking nut house here." I sit back down on the couch next to Tony, rubbing my neck and listening to my heart pound.

       "You hurt?"


       "Why'd you let him grab you?"

       I don't have an answer so I just sit there and puff.

       "Good thing I was here. They know better than to mess with me." With that he leans back on the couch and drums his fingers on the metal arm to some music I can't hear.

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