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Chapter 13: Scene 48: Randy's bossy orders



Saturday morning Corrie works us hard doing clean-up in the main building. She's a sort of good-looking female, even if she is twenty-five or more even.

       Today is Randy's first day as crew chief, and is he ever loving the right to give orders. The closer it gets to lunch time, the more he revs up. "Hanson, get them buckets over here. Mopping this floor is the last thing on the list, and you gotta have it done by 11:30. Get them boot marks cleaned off." He goes around the room, leaving a trail of grumbling kids behind him. "Neil, you start putting away the brooms and stuff. The rest of you guys put them chairs and tables back." A couple of times, Dan looks like he's going to step in and tone down Randy's bossy orders, but then he steps back and watches.

       Neil takes the mop from me, and shakes the working end around my head. "If I wasn't going home soon, I'd mop him right on the end of Randy's pointy nose."

       "Hey, shake that thing at him, not me. You're getting me all wet."

ThinkLink: Have you ever experienced a bully like Randy? Have you ever been one?

       Neil plunks the mop back down into the bucket of dirty water. "Am I ever glad he's gonna take a hike Monday," he whispers in my ear. "Think of having to listen to him go on like this for a whole week." Then he leans even closer, "He's still counting me in. Can't you do something?"

       Randy pops up behind us. "You guys going to talk all day? Get to work. And Hanson, if I didn't have better stuff to do I'd..."

       "You and who else?"

       "I got my guys. You just watch out for us."

       "Sure, Randy," I say with a grin and he walks away like he doesn't see.

       I grab the mop and swish it around in the bucket. I turn back to Neil. "I've got an idea, but I'll have to know for sure where we'll be on the trail when he plans to make a break for it. Can you find out for me?"

       "Yeah. Three of them's going -- Randy, Cal and Terry -- only they think it's four, 'cause I ain't telling I'm backing out. Randy'd kill me. I'll see you later and fill you in." Half of him's scared to death of Randy and the other half loves playing private eye .

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