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Chapter 12: Scene 43: So how'd Tony make it out?


       Back in the dayroom at Taylor, we sit around waiting for lunch to come over from the main kitchen. I'm all psyched up , waiting to find out what's going on. I look outside. Nobody's out on the grounds. Usually Pat hunkers down against a wall somewhere, not moving any more than he has to, but today he goes from window to window, like he expects to see something. He stops to say something to one guy, and then moves on to another one. They talk excited-like, but real quiet, so's not to get the staff down on them.

       Davis give a whistle. "Listen up. security people are out there waiting to pick up someone dumb enough to try an escape. None of you leaves Taylor until it's cleared by Administration . If there's any trouble, you'll all lose TV privs for the week. Stop milling around . Find a place to sit and stay there."

       Pat sits down next to me and whispers. "It's Tony. He's gone on the run and they haven't found him yet! He made it. swear to God, he made it!" He slaps his hands down on his knees. Davis looks over at us, so Pat slides back down and does his Zombie act.

       "You sure?" I lean over so I can talk in his ear. "Shit, he was going to…" I shut my mouth. No use Pat knowing I wanted to get out of here with Tony. Wanted it so bad I ached all over.

       Davis moves on and Pat comes back to life. "I know it's Tony," he says. "Maybe it looks easy to run from here, no big walls or fences, even, but there's a road that goes all around this place. security drives it all the time, and they got these two-way radios ."

       "So how'd Tony make it out?"

       "One of the guys saw him. He says Tony was the first one out of the testing room door when the bell rang. He made for the front hall. The staff guy at the outside door turned around to talk to somebody and Tony walked right out. Took off toward the Ad Building. Had a car waiting for him."

       "How could he get a car to come here? Tony doesn't make any calls. He doesn't even get letters."

       Pat grins. "When my brother was here with my Mom last Sunday, Tony had me pass Kenny a note, all folded up and taped shut. Kenny stuck it inside his shirt, and no one even seen him do it. Kenny's a slick one."

ThinkLink: Would you be as excited as John? What would you be thinking?

       Pat twists around on the couch and looks out the window across the field of grass. "The message was to a guy to pick him up today. Tony figured they wouldn't expect a break, right at noon, right out the front drive. Guts. That's what he's got. Guts."

       "Won't be the same here. Without Tony, I mean." I'm thinking about Randy and Hi-Lo.

       "Guys come, guys go. Can't count on them being around long." Pat hunches down and goes back to staring out the window.

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