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Chapter 12: Scene 42: Some guy's made it outta here



Tony was still looking right past me at breakfast this morning. Not like he was mad at me, but like he had something else on his mind. Something big. Or weird. Or both. It was like electricity crackling in the air.

       For once expert-on-everything Pat's not talking.

       "You sure Tony isn't supposed to be back in here?" I ask him again.

       "Nah. He's finishing his G.E.D. today."

       "His what?"

       "You take this test and pass it, you get a high school diploma even if you don't have the credits."

       I look at the clock. Three minutes to twelve. "Time for lunch and I'm starving."

       The bell rings and Mrs. Warren calls us over to line up at the door. She steps out in the hall and I look over her shoulder. Mr. Logan, the vice-principal is coming down the hall, walking fast. He stops at our door. "Everyone back in class. Shut your doors. Wait until you hear another bell releasing you. Back in the room." He goes down the hall saying the same thing over and over.

       After she sends us back to our chairs, the guys start in. "What is it, Mrs. Warren?"

       "What's going on?"

       "It's lunch time. I'll starve."

       "You gotta let us out. It's the law ."

       "Yeah. They can't keep us here."

       Me, I just slouch down and tell my stomach to be quiet.

       "All right, there's the bell," Mrs. Warren says. "Line up, but don't bolt out the door ." She sticks her head out, leans back into the room and waves us through . Mr. Logan's standing with a security guy, looking at each one of us as we file out into the hall and toward the outside door.

       "There's both Davis and Ferguson," Pat says. "That means the shit's really hit the fan . But they won't tell us nothing. Never do. But what ya want to bet some guy's made it outta here? Even money ."

ThinkLink: Do you know anyone who has run away? How does it make you feel?

       "You'd win. You're in on everything." I get this shiver running up and down my arms and back. Maybe some lucky guy did make it out today. If only I could find out how he did it.

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