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Chapter 10: Scene 34: John hit me!


ThinkLink: Has anyone ever done anything to you just to get you in trouble?

       Four more days until my staffing. And one day seems like a week. I scrape a pan along the counter and dunk it into a sink of hot soapy water. We're doing after-dinner clean up in Taylor. I swish a brush. I used to think I was a free person shut up here by mistake, but I'm locked up same as any one of these screw-ups. I push my hands down into the hot water until my skin turns bright red. I try to let all the mad in me run down my arms, through my fingers and out into the water.

       "That's the last one," Pat tells me. Then he jerks around and yells at Randy. "Will ya look where you're going? This kitchen ain't big enough for you to swing that thing."

       Randy side-steps Pat, spins around and lifts a tray of salt and peppershakers over his head. "Incoming enemy planes."

       "Look out!" I holler at him. I jerk my hands out of the water and spin around. I throw my arms up to catch the tray coming right at my head. "Watch what you're doing!" I yell. Then something solid hits me from behind, right across my shoulders. What the hell? I feel myself falling forward into Randy. Tray and shakers fly all over. Guys crowd in the kitchen. "Yeah," I hear one of them yell. "Get him! Get him!"

       Randy socks me hard on the jaw. I take a hard jab at his nose and blood spurts out.

       "John hit me!" Randy hollers. "I'm bleeding. You saw it. You all saw it. He came at me. He started it." Randy's dancing all over the kitchen, yelling and waving his arms. I jerk my head around. Look over my shoulder. Hi-Lo! He's who banged into me. I turn back just in time for Randy's fist to slam hard into my cheekbone, right under my eye. Damn! They set me up. I punch at Randy, but my fist slips off his shoulder. I fall into him again.

       Davis runs over and pulls us apart. Then I hear him calling for the other guys to get back into the dayroom . He yells for Ferguson to get into the kitchen. "Bring the First Aid kit. Call Security. These two are going to Howard. We'll settle what happened later."

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