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Chapter 9: Scene 32: You're ready for a staffing now


ThinkLink: Did you ever want something very badly, but people kept telling you you’d have to wait a little longer?


A guard sitting at a desk looks over at me once in a while. I sit there jiggling my foot. Hurry up and wait: That's Fire Oak. Maybe he'll tell me I'm going home. Maybe he heard from the new lawyer.

       McGill finally opens the door and sticks his head out into the hall. "Good to see you, John. How have things been going?" He waves his hand toward the office. Inside, he sits down and stretches his legs almost out the door. He lets me sit some more while he goes through a stack of papers. I shout at him in my head. Tell me, damn it!

       "How many weeks have you been here, John?" He talks like he doesn't know.

       I lean back in the chair and try to loosen up , but I'm tight as a tick . "Seven weeks, eight counting this one. Mr. McGill, have you talked to anyone yet? Do you know when I can go home?"

       "You're ready for a staffing now," he tells me, and he flips through the pages on his desk calendar. "Here it is, next Friday at four." McGill looks up. "We have to have a staffing before any decision is made, John. All the people who've been rating you -- cottage staff, teachers, Mrs. Morgan. We'll go over your progress here and set a tentative release date. Then I'll check to see when a slot opens up in our forest camp ."

       " forest camp ? I thought I'd be going home, not to one of those places."

       McGill's mouth tightens up. "I've worked on that. When I talked to your mother, she said the new lawyer hasn't seen Judge Shields yet, and your uncles aren't ready to let you come back. She said she plans to leave there sometime soon, but she can't do it just yet."

       "I hate -- " but I stop myself. I'd dig myself in deeper with McGill if I let him know how I feel about Pete and Red for backing up Fletcher instead of me. They could at least take our side against the neighbors.

       "Yes?" McGill says.

       "I hate for her to be trapped there." I think about that cheat, Fletcher, not giving me my money. No use beating that dead horse .

       "Is she looking for a job?" I ask McGill. "Is she going to rent a house in town?"

       "She told me she's making some changes. That's all I know. You'll have to let her work it out. Be patient." Easy for him to say. He goes home at night.

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