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Chapter 7: Scene 24: Welcome to Harvey Jenson High School.


ThinkLink: Is there anything in the description of the school that reminds you of your school? What is different about this school compared to yours?

       A man calls me out of line when I get to the door of the school. "I'm James Logan, vice-principal ." He leans over like he's telling me something special. "Welcome to Harvey Jenson High School ." He smiles big, but I don't get the joke. "We use a different name for the school so Fire Oak won't appear on the transcript we send to the school you go to after you leave here." I figure that's not gonna fool anybody in Wheatland . Folks there know your history from the time you're born.

       He takes me back through the main office into his little cubbyhole office. His desk's piled high, but sure enough, on top he's got a file folder with my name on it. My eyes roam around the room. Logan talks to himself and scribbles on a form from the folder. "Advanced math will have to be it for Algebra II." He looks up at me. "The teacher probably has a second-year Algebra book somewhere in his room. He'll set up a contract for you to work on. Have the other boys told you about our system here?" I nod, but Logan explains it anyway.

       After a while I tune back in and he's still explaining. He pats all the papers together and then hands me the top sheet. "English, Social Studies, Math and Tutoring . Because you read above grade level, I've assigned you as the teacher's assistant in the Reading Lab first period."

       The bell rings for fourth period and Logan's at the door waiting for me to come out. He wags his hand for me to walk in front of him out into the main hall. There's a teacher standing by every classroom, and a guard standing down by the outside door. Kids walk up and down the hall to their next class, not in lines, exactly, but straight ahead, no fooling around.

       Not much like Wheatland High . There's only a 104 kids in the whole high school, 103 since I'm not there. When the kids are out in the hall between classes, they laugh and push and turn around to talk. They stop at their lockers, grab some new books, and clang the doors shut. Why didn't I know I liked it so much while I was there?

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