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Chapter 7: Scene 23: What's with this school?


       It's Monday morning and we're standing by the front door, ready to go over to the school. Tony leans out around the guy in front of him to look at himself in a windowpane. A frizzle of hair sticks out on one side and he pushes it back in.

       "Sure could use some goop," he says. "You could use some, too." He bats at my head at the hairs that always stick up in back.

       Ferguson pulls the door open when the bell rings. I look across the stretch of grass to the brick school building. It could pass for a school anywhere. A staff guy opens the door over there and waves. Ferguson says, "On your way. On the double."

       We stroll along the sidewalk, fast enough to keep Ferguson from yelling at us, and slow enough to stay out in the fresh air for a while. Pat shoves in line in front of me. I ask him, "What's with this school?"

ThinkLink: Do you sometimes just stare at your homework? How do you get it done anyway?

       "You sorta teach yourself. Do lessons from workbooks to finish up contracts they make you sign. Everybody comes in doing different stuff, or they haven't been in school, so they can't put us together. Me, I sit and look at one page and wait for the next bell."

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