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Chapter 6: Scene 21: Don't let Randy get you going


       Pat comes into the kitchen to fill his tray up with cartons of milk. He brushes close to my back. "Don't let Randy get you going or he'll never let up."

       "I didn't cry. And my mother's not ugly."

       "Shee-it," Pat says, "that's the big game here. Ya mudda this, ya mudda that . You think up something rottener about his mother than he says about yours. That's the way to play it."

       "I was yelling 'Mom' in my dream last night. Maybe I said it out loud and Randy heard."

       " Nightmare ?"

       "Sort of. I was standing in the middle of a road."

       "A car hit you?"

       "No, the road was empty except for some woman I didn't recognize. She was coming straight toward me, looking for someone, only she walked right by me like she didn't see me."

       "So what'd you do?"

       "Nothing. I woke up. That's when Randy kicked my bed. Now he'll..."

       "Don't sweat it. Randy'll give you trouble no matter what." Pat lifts his tray up on his shoulder and pretends to stagger out of the kitchen into the eating area.

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