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Chapter 4: Scene 13: Hanson, Mr. McGill wants you next


       After breakfast in the dayroom we do the same lousy job of cleaning up, only this time without Tony. Kelly takes him out to the Intake hall. When Tony comes back, he struts around bulging up his arm muscles. "I know them goofy tests so good by now, I can do ‘em blindfolded ," he says to Pat, who's on his way out the door with Kelly.

       Without Pat to talk to, Tony settles for me. "Guess who's here? Three POs , all at the same time. Me, I get to see McGill right after lunch."

       Kelly comes out with his clipboard and says. "Hanson, Mr. McGill wants you next." Tony gives me a sour look , me getting in before he does. The way Tony makes it sound, McGill's the guy with the power , the one who can get me out of here. He'll probably take their side, though. He'll believe the judge , the sheriff and Roy Fletcher.

ThinkLink: Does waiting to talk to a principal or a teacher make you nervous? Why were you nervous?

       I squirm around in the chair outside McGill's office and lean forward trying to hear talking inside his office. I can't hear any words through the door, though. Then the guard down at the end of the hall looks up. So I sit back.

       McGill's door opens and Pat comes out, scowling and not sleepy-looking at all. "He says for you to wait. He's on the phone, now, talking to my mom." The guard walks over quick and takes Pat back inside, leaving me to look through the half-open door into McGill's office. All I can see of him is one really long, narrow shoe sticking out from under the desk. It's wine-colored leather, polished so bright the light catches it every time it wags back and forth. When I hear his phone click down, I bounce the chair around a little to remind him I'm here.

       "Hanson, you out there? Come in and close the door."

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