Objectives of Cloning

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Interest in Nuclear Transfer
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    The rhesus monkeys were bred at a research center in Oregon. Their creators are trying to find a way to produce more suitable animal models for drug research. Nuclear transfer , or cloning , would allow them to make several genetically identical animals. Research studies could then be conducted with fewer animals because the variable of genetics would not affect study results.
Why are scientists interested in Nuclear Transfer?   genetically engineered pig There are many other reasons why researchers are keenly interested in nuclear transfer, or cloning. For one, it may make it much easier to produce genetically engineered animals. Say for example that a farm has a pig that is excellent for breeding except for one flaw : it is prone to a particular disease. A cell from that pig could be removed and cultivated . The gene or genes leading to the disease could be removed or replaced. The genetic material from this revised pig cell could be used for nuclear transfer. The result: a more perfect pig.
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