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    Public officials quickly reacted to the news. The Pope warned against dangerous experiments that threaten human dignity. Some public leaders called for laws against human cloning . President Clinton ordered a government advisory board to review the legal and ethical issues involved in human cloning. At the same time, he issued a ban on the use of federal funds for human cloning research. He also asked privately funded researchers to hold off from such experiments until the ethical issues had been fully explored.

What are Ethicists?

  Ethicists are people who spend time thinking about values related to human conduct, that is, about what is right and what is wrong. When Dolly made the news, ethicists were suddenly in the spotlight. They didn't have answers to all the questions being raised. At least, they didn't have all the same answers! But many of them agreed upon at least one thing: that focus on Dolly had created a good opportunity for the public to learn about cloning, to understand why scientists are trying to do it, and to decide whether there should be any limits on this kind of work.
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