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Dolly Makes Headlines
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    picture of a sheep In February 1997 a young sheep named Dolly made headlines around the world. What was so newsworthy about this little lamb? She was a clone . She had been made from the cell of a fully grown sheep and was its genetic duplicate .
    A week later, photos of the two wide-eyed little rhesus monkeys appeared in newspapers and on TV. What was their claim to fame? They had been cloned from the cells of embryos . It was the first time this kind of cloning had been successful in an animal so close to human.
Have you heard about cloning in the news?   These experiments came as a big surprise to the general public- and to many scientists. People were amazed, fascinated, and horrified. Suddenly everyone started talking about something very few had even thought about before. Could this mean that human cloning was just around the corner? And would that be a good thing or a bad thing?
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