Barriers to Human Cloning

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Cloning Could Cause Legal Problems
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    Some people are-concerned that cloning would create complicated legal problems. For example' it could lead to custody battles between the different people who contribute a clone such as the egg donor, the nucleus donor, the genetic parents of the nucleus donor, and the woman who carries the fetus to term. Other legal issues would have to do with the rights of the person being cloned. In Mrs. Fister's case, there may be a question as to whether she has the right to decide to clone her dying child. That may be something only the child himself could decide, if he were conscious. And some might argue that no child should have to make such an enormous decision.
What are some of the legal issues involved with cloning humans?   Say a star athlete gets bloodied in a tough basketball game. Can a fan rush down to the court, wipe up some blood, and run to a lab to have a clone made? In other words, once cells are removed from someone's body, does he have legal control over their use for cloning? Imagine another situation.
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