The Possibility of Human Cloning

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If Junior II Were a Clone
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    Neither can anyone predict how Junior II would be affected by the knowledge that he is a clone . Many adopted children are comfortable with the fact that they are not immediate genetic descendants of the people who raise them. So perhaps Junior II would not have a problem with his unusual genetic background. But perhaps he would. Perhaps he would feel that he was not wanted for himself.
What might be the drawbacks of a clone of Junior for Mrs. Fister?   Mrs. Fister also would not be able to predict her reaction to having a clone of the boy she is losing. She thinks she would love the second child because he is her link to others she has loved. And quite possibly she would care very dearly for the cloned child. But it also is possible that she would come to resent him because he is a constant reminder of what she has lost. The cloned child may not relieve her grief, in fact, his existence could mean that she can never move on from it.
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