The Possibility of Human Cloning

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Junior I vs. Junior II
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    This new child's circumstances would be quite different from those of the first Junior . For one thing, Junior II wouldn't have a father (both Mr. Fister and Junior I would be dead). For another, Mrs. Fister would be several years older than when she had her first boy. And of course, Mrs. Fister would have a very different set of expectations for Junior II than she had for Junior I.
How might Junior II's development be different from Junior I's?   These kinds of differences would affect Junior II's development in many ways that could never be predicted. Say for example that Mrs. Fister takes up an old smoking habit. This might trigger in Junior II an asthma problem that Junior I never had. Junior II may therefore be less athletic than Junior I. Or, he may be more athletic because he exercises more to increase his lung power. To give another example, say that out of a newfound fear of loss Mrs. Fister is more protective of Junior II than she was of Junior I. This may cause Junior II to be more timid than Junior I. Or, it may cause him to be more rebellious. No one can predict.
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