The Possibility of Human Cloning

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Parent or Twin?
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    YGYC iconAnother way that a clone would be different is that he or she would be the immediate descendent of just one person, not two. It's an open question as to whom the parents of the clone would be. The original person from whom the clone was copied could be considered a parent. Or, that person could be considered the identical twin. The male and female whose chromosomes combined to make the original person could be considered the clone's parents. Or, they could be considered the grandparents. It depends on how you want to look at it.
What should you think about before cloning?   All these factors need to be kept in mind as we consider Mrs. Fister's situation. If some doctor were able to grant her wish and make a clone of Junior , she would have to carry the baby for nine months before he was born and care for him for several years before he caught up to Junior's age.
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