The Possibility of Human Cloning

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The Same but not the Same
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    But what, exactly, are we talking about when we refer to a human clone ? A clone would be a genetic equal of the original, like an identical twin. It would not, however, be the same person come again. If you were to clone Michael Jordan, you would not necessarily produce another basketball superstar. The clone would be born at a different time, raised differently, and shaped by different experiences. Such factors would affect the personality, physical condition, ambition, and destiny of Michael Jordan's clone more than his genetic heritage.
    You also can't order a clone and have it delivered full-grown to your door. A cloned human would have to grow up like everybody else. Before you learn whether Michael Jordan's clone can play basketball like the original, you would have to a wait a couple dozen years.

What are reasons for and against Mrs. Fistser cloning Junior?

  In a couple of ways a clone would be quite different from anyone who has come into the world so far. Babies as we know them now are a package of surprises. No one can state with certainty until after a baby is conceived whether it will be a boy or a girl or what other physical features it will have. But anyone who has a clone would know the genetic profile of the baby they were going to get before they got it.
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