The Possibility of Human Cloning

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Reasons for Wanting to Clone Humans
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In what ways could human cloning be useful?

  If this happens, it may well be to fulfill the desires of a person like Mrs. Fister, who is hoping to clone her dying child in order to keep a part of him alive. Other people may have equally urgent reasons for wanting to clone a child. If a couple is infertile, cloning could give them a genetically related baby. If a couple shares the same recessive genes for a disorder, cloning could give them a baby who won't inherit the disorder. (The baby would be a carrier, however, like the parent from whom it was cloned.)

Females could use cloning in order to have a baby without involving any males. Males could use cloning to have a baby without involving any female (besides a surrogate mother). Some people with big egos may feel that the world deserves more of them. Others may wish for clones of sports heroes, celebrities, or gifted scholars. There are endless possible reasons people may have for wanting to clone a human being.

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