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Mrs. Fister's Tragedy
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    Mrs. Fister is grieving. Just this morning, her family had been together, having breakfast. Then Mr. Fister and little Junior had gone out on a walk to the corner store.
    They never returned. On the way home, a car hit them. Mr. Fister was killed instantly. His son lies in a coma at the hospital. The doctors say Junior's brain is dead. They have asked Mrs. Fister for permission to remove him from the machines that keep him breathing.
    Mrs. Fister cannot bear the thought of losing both her husband and her child. She cannot imagine what it will be like to no longer be a wife and mother.

Why does Mrs. Fister want to clone Junior?

  Mrs. Fister remembers reading an article about cloning . She wonders if it might be possible to clone Junior to make a new child just like him. She realizes the new baby would not be Junior, but it would be as close as she could get. Plus, it would be a way to keep her beloved husband's name alive, through the child of his own flesh and blood. She is thinking of keeping Junior on life support machines at least long enough to find a doctor who can help her clone a baby.
  If you were Mrs. Fister, what would you do?
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