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Chapter 3: Scene 12: Saying Good Bye: Passage 40


       Mr. Jackson stood up and snapped his briefcase shut. His eyes looked watery. "Did what I could," he muttered . I stared at him. Had to chomp on my tongue to keep from telling him he'd done almost nothing.

       "I'm sorry, John," he said and turned and walked out of the courtroom.

       My uncles started to leave, too, but Mom called after them. "Pete, Red, can't you do something?"

       Red went on through the door, ducking out like always, but Pete stopped to have the last word. "Now, Marilyn, this is probably for the best. Make a man of him."

       He started to walk out again, but Mom didn't let him get away with it like she usually did. She went over and grabbed hold of his elbow. "Don't say that. He was trying to help me. He just got mixed up."

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