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Chapter 1: Scene 1: Arrival for Intake: Passage 1


ThinkLink: Have you ever had to go to a new and frightening place?

       The steel door clangs shut. The guard doesn't get close enough to touch me, but he stays right behind my back. On one side are windows so high up I can't see out. Doors line the other side. I keep thinking about what my mom said at the hearing . "It's a dangerous place. A dangerous place."

       " Intake area ," the guard says. "This's where they do tests. Medical, teeth. See if you can read." He slows down. "These are offices the POs use. Yours'll get to you in a day or two."

       He waits to see if I'll ask, but like the deputy who drove me here from Wheatland told me, I keep my mouth shut. Every time I open it, I get in deeper.

       "PO's a Parole Officer ," he goes on, explaining anyway. "They got the say. Don't forget it."

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